Website development on Yii2, laravel frameworks

Laravel and Yii2 are popular and popular PHP frameworks that allow you to get beautiful and structured code. Both frameworks are highly appreciated by programmers for their simplicity and functionality.

The shells have both advantages and disadvantages, which should be taken into account at the stage of site or web application development.

What do you need to know about Laravel?

The choice of Laravel is a solution in favor of the most promising and convenient PHP framework, because with the right development projects on it will be easy to expand and change.

The shell is user-friendly, and the presence of built-in artisan commands allows you to significantly accelerate the development process.

Programmers prefer Laravel for the correct architecture of the database, because the main "trick" of the framework is laconicity. During the development it is desirable to cover each of the available roots with tests, as well as fill the database with test data.

Advantages of Laravel:

  • Ability to manage the command line.
  • Availability of a separate place in the structure for the storage.
  • Integrated scss and script collector.
  • Simple routing and validation of incoming parameters.
  • Support for WebSockets, which allows you to create real interactive applications.
  • Frequent updates outputs.

It should be taken into account that there are no built-in interface generators in the framework, so by pressing three buttons you won't be able to create a ready-made interface for working with data. This makes it easy to separate the frontend from the backend and assemble the frontend in a modern design.

Features of Yii2

This framework is an excellent solution for content sites that require a minimum of business logic and require the use of standard administrative panels. And if you want to make simple manipulations with data, Yii is the best option.

The advantages of Yii2 include:

  • Built-in form and security autotests.
  • Active Form. Provides form creation by model properties.
  • Initially, many standard interface solutions were integrated.
  • Present visual generator CRUD, models and controllers.

New versions of Yii are rarely available. In addition, frontend and backend libraries are glued together in the framework, and the process of routing is not flexible enough.

Which framework should I choose?

The reliability and security of Yii2 and Laravel are at the same high level, so you should choose the framework based on the requirements for the site and its purpose.

Programmers of the Straut&Skobelev digital studio recommend using Yii2 in cases when the frontend administration is not subject to significant requirements, and the project needs to be completed in the shortest possible time and beautifully.

Laravel should be given preference when it is necessary to pay special attention to interface development, there are certain requirements to Front-end, and also it is necessary to separate backend and frontend.