Creating Websites on Wordpress

WordPress is one of the most popular and popular content management systems, which is written in PHP and offered with open source code. The popularity of the system is explained not only by its distribution on a free basis, but also by the possibility of creating sites of different orientation on its basis:

  • Online stores, because Wordpress - a stable engine, which provides a complete set of tools and installation of the module eCommerce, with which you can create shops with a wide range of products.
  • Sites with ads for which the Classifieds plugin is specially designed. Allows you to classify ads into categories, adjust positions, take into account the number of views.
  • Entertainment portals that can be created even without knowledge of CSS and HTML.
  • News sites. WordPress allows you to display news in video format, text and graphics.
  • Corporate projects, because CMS has all the necessary elements for a high-quality presentation of your business.

Advantages of Wordpress

In addition to the wide functionality of this content management system is appreciated for its following features:

1. Convenient and intuitive administration panel, which is easy to understand even for beginners.

2. A well-thought-out structure, which assumes the placement of all elements of the site in thematic categories.

3. good perceptibility on the part of search engines, because due to the modular system of the user is much easier to implement the recommendations of Google and Yandex.

4. Modern and pleasant design, which can be changed at its own discretion.

5. Possibility of self-fulfillment of the functionality.

6. Regular release of free updates.

Weaknesses of WordPress

At the decision to use this CMS it is necessary to consider that it renders serious enough loading on a server and can essentially increase time of loading of a site.

The basic set of the system includes limited functionality, so you will have to search for and install the necessary plug-ins and modules.

Another disadvantage - the creation of duplicate pages and images, which often have to be cleaned manually. For automatic cleaning it is necessary to install the DNUI plugin.

WordPress - a simple and reliable solution that allows you to quickly create and manage sites of various orientation. This is the best choice for those who want to launch their web resources as quickly as possible and then maintain them on their own.