Interface projecting and design

In today's world, anybody uses the Internet anyway. It can be work, rest, information search, etc. We do not think about what and how it works on the site, and just use a convenient location, good search, tips, etc. All these functions are the interface, thanks to which we are comfortable to use the system.

Interface - system structure of the site and its appearance.

Proceeding from the client's tasks and the degree of readiness of the project is designed:

  • Logic: how the system solves the user's tasks is the first thing the designer starts with;
  • Graphics: block layout, style, color, text;
  • Functionality: user interaction with the interface, where it goes, etc.

It doesn't matter if the interface already exists or is just being developed. Stages in which tasks for experts are distributed are allocated allocate stages:

We collect and analyze the information necessary to create the interface:

  • Potential client's demand: why does he need a website, for what tasks is he planning to do?
  • necessity of a web resource for business: what is its purpose, what is the profit from it;
  • uniqueness: the better the project and how it differs from the competitors.

The task of the analysis is to collect and analyze all available information and understand how to build the work at the next stages.


  • concept formation;
  • creation of an information structure;
  • definition of peculiarities of user interaction with the interface.

This stage can be called the most important, because it lays the skeleton of the interface, develops the basic principles of the internal operation of the interface, its communication with the user. Any mistake at this stage of designing will influence all further development.

Creation of a prototype interface. It can be drawn in any graphic designer. Usually, several possible versions are invented, tested and one is selected.

Design and development
As a result of user tests, coordination of the future project with customers, the graphic design of the interface is developed and drawn, and after that the designer is connected.
This is the last stage. In it, acts are signed, all rights to the customer are transferred.

You can order the design and creation of the interface design of the website in the Digital Agency Straut-Skobelev. Our team takes a responsible approach to each project, so after the launch of the site, carefully analyzes and checks the work in real-time. If you want to cooperate with us, please leave a request or call us.