Website development on React.js, Vue.js frameworks

React.js and Vue.js are the most popular JavaScript frameworks that have impressive features and are used to develop user interfaces. They are appreciated for their simplicity and high functionality.

It should be noted that React is not considered a framework in its purest form, as it is a modified library, which is focused on Model-View-Controller (MVC). In this library, the "model" is responsible for providing the data, the "view" already displays the "model" data for the user, and the "controller" is needed to interpret the user's actions.

Vue.js is already a clean framework, so the developer does not need to select libraries to perform various tasks, and the presence of a high-level API provides backward compatibility for all used libraries. It means that a third-party programmer can quickly connect to the project because he does not need to spend time studying the application architecture.

Features of React.js and Vue.js

If you plan to actively use templates while creating a project, Vue.js is the best choice.

The key advantages of this framework are:

  • Low threshold of entry due to simple syntax.
  • Flexibility in working with templates.
  • Smaller code size and fast rendering.

If a large ecosystem is being developed, the choice should be made in favor of React. Its advantages are in the following:

  • Possibilities to use for native and web applications.
  • Wide choice of tools.
  • Flexible testing system.

React.js is also the best option for scalable applications.

However, both frameworks are characterized by excellent support, reactive components, and easy integration with builders, routers, and state managers.

The Straut&Skobelev Digital Studio team always chooses the framework depending on the project requirements and interface complexity. Our specialists are well versed in the features of all popular frontend libraries, which guarantees fast and correct implementation of the project.