Creating Websites on ModX

The MODX website management system is a powerful and well-thought-out tool that allows you to successfully work with both simple and complex projects.

On the basis of MODX corporate and entertainment portals, commercial resources, information portals are created. But for stock exchanges, social networks, this platform is not suitable, as it does not have sufficient potential.

The system is absolutely deservedly included in the top-5 CMS of the Russian-speaking Internet, because it has a number of advantages:

  • Distribution on a free basis and availability of open source code.
  • Convenient and thought-out syntax of tags.
  • Availability of various design options when "pulling" on the system. The developer can independently create new templates and use them depending on the type of content used.
  • Cross-platformity and cross-browser.
  • Clear and friendly administration panel, which will be quickly dealt with even by a novice user.

MODX is quickly installed on the server, the main thing is to follow the official instructions.

Another advantage, for which this CMS is appreciated, is the ability to create an infinite number of sites on one distribution.

Does MODX have any disadvantages?

Of course, no system is perfect. The main claims made by developers to MODX are as follows:

  • A limited number of basic templates. There are only about 30 of them, while, for example, WordPress offers almost 200 ready-made templates. However, the solution to the problem is quite simple, as any design layout can be quickly opened and adapted with the help of MODX-tags.
  • Using your own terminology, which differs significantly from the terms used in other CMS. Here the main thing is to get used to and understand the terms used.

What do you end up with? We can safely say that MODX is a reliable and well thought-out platform, which is suitable for the implementation of various projects. Certainly, for the organisation of work with the given CMS well-trained experts are required, however after studying of system all its advantages become clear that allows it to be one of the most demanded in Runet.