Corporate identity

Corporate identity is a set of graphic, color and text visual solutions, which allows you to form a single brand concept with a reflection of its philosophy and style. Thanks to the corporate identity, a harmonious and holistic image of the company is provided, which increases the level of its recognition and presentability.

Identity also has a positive impact on the level of confidence in the brand, as it confirms the strength of positions in the market and demonstrates that the company plans to develop further.

What are the advantages of the corporate identity?

They are included in them:

  • The formation of a favorable external image of the organization, because the unique image increases the recognition of the brand and its products or services.
  • Increasing corporate cohesion of employees. It is achieved by creating a sense of belonging to the common cause, increasing the loyalty of staff to their employer, forming a corporate "patriotism".
  • The process of production of new goods is simplified, as initially the buyers will identify it with the brand.
  • The use of identity elements in advertising campaigns increases the effectiveness of promotion of goods and services.
  • Clear identification of the company by customers among other brands through the presence of some of their chips.

When developing the corporate identity it is necessary to reflect the values and methods of work of the company, which should be close to the target audience of the organization.

Stages of corporate identity development

The process of developing your own identity includes the following key steps:

  • Identification of the target audience with its detailed analysis.
  • Development of the brand concept. This work is best entrusted to professional designers of the Straut&Skobelev digital studio, who will take into account all the wishes of the customer and create a logo and graphic concept of the brand, which reflects the philosophy of the company.
  • Development of corporate identity, which implies the development of design for all major types of media.

What is the corporate identity?

The basic elements are the logo, fonts and colors, business cards, document folders, forms for various messages, as well as, of course, the website.

Further, additional elements are already being developed that can be present in almost everything that concerns the company's activities.

This can be:

  • Business attributes of the company. Here it is necessary to include the seal, price tags, letterheads.
  • Various advertising and advertising products.
  • Navigation aids. These include signs, signs on buildings and doors, direction indicators, and travel.
  • Product design and packaging.
  • Attributes of presentations.

Straut&Skobelev web-studio renders services on development of corporate identity on a turnkey basis. We carry out a full study of the market segment in which the organization operates, identify its strengths, study its philosophy, which ultimately allows you to create a unique and memorable brand identity.