Order a brandbook in Minsk

The brand is an association, an emotion that the buyer has when he mentions the company. For his successful work, you need to understand how to use them competently. For this purpose, a brandbook was invented - a document that describes the rules of the company's concept.

Brand development is a multifaceted process. And creating a brandbook is an important part. It is necessary for the brand to always be unified in style, customers would recognize it in any country, thus increasing loyalty.

What is included in the brandbook?

The main points:

1. Target audience and brand ideology.
Identify and prescribe who will use the company's products or services and understand their features. Determine how the firm will be perceived by the consumer, in terms of practical (which gives the brand), psychological (emotions from the product or service), social (what status gives the product or service) parties.

2. Corporate style.
Visual part of the brand - color, font, logo, business cards, souvenirs, etc.  If you do not have a corporate identity yet, Straut&Skobelev will develop it for your company. 

3. Internal corporate style.
This paragraph describes the role of the brand for employees and the principles to be followed in their work.

4. Marketing.
It determines which directions will be used in promotion. Straut&Skobelev does many types of web marketing and helps you to increase the flow of customers.

What are the brand books?

  • minimal (contains colors, logo, usage options);
  • Standard (includes the basic rules that apply to your business);
  • Comprehensive (standard+additional items such as packaging, training and education, recruitment, etc.)

Which branded media?

You should not think that a brandbook is an official document in accordance with GOST. There are no clear rules as to how it should look.

Brandbook options:

  • printed book
    The most common option. It can be a booklet, a brochure, a hardcover book;
  • pdf file
    It can be placed on the company's website. If you do not have a website, Straut&Skobelev will develop a unique quality website for you;
  • website
    You can make a brandbook in the form of a one-page site, which will describe and depict all the requirements. You can order it from us;
  • Video
    Video content is becoming very popular. You can make slides and accompany the video narration. In our company you can order this service, video operators Straut&Skobelev will create you a high-class video.

Having found out what the brandbook includes, you can leave a request on a site or call us for further cooperation.